Tick it off! Tick it off!

Do you ever feel like life has become a series of To-Do lists! As you tick off one job, you realise you must add another. So that list doesn't necessarily keep getting longer it simply maintains itself in an endless loop of expectations and tasks. Like the ancient symbol ouroboros, the snake that keeps eating... Continue Reading →


What legacy are you leaving? I don’t mean money, or property, or any kind of material possession or wealth. What I’m really asking is what memory of you are you planning to leave for the generations to come? This probably warrants further definition too. If you have children and they are of an age where you can... Continue Reading →

A Significant Breadcrumb

We bought a dog last year. Our very first family dog, in fact. She is a beautiful Border Collie with a gorgeous black and white coat, and we have named her Charley. When we went to have a look at her, she had about seven other siblings with her, and two things attracted me, in... Continue Reading →

God’s 24/7 Community

It's good to remind ourselves sometimes that Church is not just a Sunday service! Church is also all of these: A family of believers expressing the presence of God through gathering together, a shared relationship and outreach to others. A people of God, who share the same covenant through the blood of Jesus. A community... Continue Reading →

We Are The Church (Part #3)

John Wesley was the founder of what became the Methodist denomination. Initially, this group was called the ‘Holy Club’. People, like Wesley, who formed this club had became frustrated with aspects of the Church of England and wanted to reform parts of it. This 'Holy Club' soon developed the nickname “Methodists” because they were very intentional and methodical about their passion for,... Continue Reading →

We Are The Church (Part #2)

My first ten years of life were spent on an unusually quiet street in my city that had a dead end and in fact at that ‘end’ was a little roundabout. There was nothing I liked doing better than riding my bike up and down that street, and when I’d get to the roundabout, I’d peddle... Continue Reading →

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