The Right Path

I like getting lost! Let me clarify that a bit: I love walking and I love visiting new places to walk around in, and I usually don’t want a town or village map letting me know where I am in relation to everywhere else. This can, at times, make my wife Kathi a little nervous,... Continue Reading →

Scared of the Dark?

A grandmother was busy making tea in the kitchen and needed a can of tomato soup, her house was old, and she still had a pantry where she kept food and other non-perishables, so she asked her 5-year-old grandson to go into this pantry and get her one. The pantry was just out of the... Continue Reading →

We Are The Church (Part #1)

WHAT IS THE CHURCH? In our modern, British culture there are so many definitions of what Church is, and even what it’s function is. Church, depending on your view or bias is a powerful force for good, relevant today as it ever has been. Others view it as an outdated institution whose time is up,... Continue Reading →

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