Blessed To Be A Blessing?

I’ve had loads of jobs in my life of all different varieties. My kids are amazed at this and wonder what kind of job I haven’t done! I’ve gutted fish in a village market and served pints in a local pub. I’ve been a background artist on the telly, and I’ve worked in a theatre. I’ve made-up beds in a hotel, managed different retail outlets (coffee shops, phone shops, book shops), and led a local church. I really have done the rounds.

Here’s the thing: I’ve never been sacked from any job, and I’ve only been made redundant once. Every job I’ve had since I was 14 years old (my first job was cleaning offices) I have left of my own accord with good reasons. I’ve never burned any bridges either, and I left every job with my reputation intact and people who were sad to see me go. I’ve always given my all and never slouched on the job, giving every role 100 per cent. I’ve made sure I’ve blessed every company with the best version of me, taking responsibility to serve them well by working hard and avoiding tardiness and laziness.⁣

I feel I have positively contributed to my society and feel privileged that I have been able to do so. No matter who you are or your abilities, I believe that with a positive attitude and a good heart, regardless of circumstances or where you are from, you are blessed to be a blessing to those around you and the world at large.⁣

Do you believe this too?⁣

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