Which Will You Choose?

Ever heard anyone say, “It’s my cross to bear.”? The phrase has come to mean a continuous struggle. A relationship not working out, a job that feels like a thankless task, or a troubling physical illness.

In the Gospels, Jesus is recorded as saying to His disciples, “Take up your cross and follow me.”

If we accept the modern interpretation, Jesus could be saying to His disciples, “Times will get tough, and you’ll have issues you’ll need to deal with, but you can live with them.”

However, this isn’t what Jesus is saying.

In the Easter story, Jesus is forced to carry His cross to His crucifixion. The thing He’s dragging isn’t weightless symbolism. To those watching Jesus walk, the cross only meant one thing: death.

“Taking up your cross” really means sacrifice, a willingness to give up everything, even your life, to follow Jesus. It doesn’t mean things will happen, but are you willing?

One day you may be faced with a choice – Jesus or the comforts of this life. Which will you choose?

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