In the ’80s, a TV show hooked the nation: “Three, Two, One.” The name reflected its format, a quiz, a variety and a game show. It’s host, Ted Rodgers, had this lightning-fast, complicated 3-2-1 hand gesture. It was a move that led to some not-so-wholesome accidental gestures in the school playground as we tried to copy it!

In another time and place, we find Jesus playing 3-2-1, only this time He’s not playing for money, or with failure, a Dusty Bin. It’s a scene of cosmic significance.

In John, chapter 18, we’re told that people come to arrest Jesus on the night before His crucifixion. Three times Jesus says to them, “I Am.” Twice Jesus tells them the He is ‘Jesus of Nazareth.’ Eventually, they understand that He’s The One for whom they’ve come.

As you celebrate Easter this year, remember that you’re the one that Jesus died for, and He was the only One who could do that.

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