It Started With A Betrayal

At the start of the Easter story, there’s talk of betrayal. Jesus Himself brings it up at the famous Last Supper. Imagine the scene: Jesus and His disciples are all together reclining on floor cushions around a low table, eating and celebrating Passover when suddenly, Jesus declares that one of His friends will betray Him.

He said, “Truly I tell you, one of you will betray Me – one who is eating with Me.” – Mark 14:18

It’s almost like Jesus is giving His betrayer, Judas, one final chance to turn away from the course he’s set himself. Needless to say, Jesus knew he wouldn’t. However, that act of betrayal in the Easter story ultimately leads the way for us all to be forgiven. Through Christ’s death and resurrection, we can all be assured of forgiveness and salvation. We just need to turn away from sin and turn towards Him.

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