Tick it off! Tick it off!

Do you ever feel like life has become a series of To-Do lists! As you tick off one job, you realise you must add another. So that list doesn't necessarily keep getting longer it simply maintains itself in an endless loop of expectations and tasks. Like the ancient symbol ouroboros, the snake that keeps eating... Continue Reading →

A Perfect Kind of Peace

This last summer, my family and I managed to grab a short break in a quaint little village in North Yorkshire. From this village, we travelled by steam train across the moors to the seaside town of Whitby. This is the same Whitby that Bram Stoker uses in his famous story of Dracula, where the... Continue Reading →

An Effective Team

There's a saying: "Teamwork makes the dream work." And I'd like to suggest that this is true to an extent. Being in a good team may not make all your dreams come true, but it'll be a dream to be a part of that team. I can attest to this. For nearly 20 years, I led a... Continue Reading →

Old Fogey?

Did you know that the UK Prime-minister has a weekly meeting with their monarch? This meeting is to give the monarch the 'lay of the land' as they discuss government business together. Until recently, of course, that monarch was Queen Elizabeth II, a woman who lived to the fantastic age of 96 and ruled as... Continue Reading →

God SAVED our Queen!

I've always struggled with singing the UK national anthem. It seems to me to be entirely one-person-centric and doesn't encompass a nation in its words. Also, being a Christian, I find the idea of asking God to save our monarch repeatedly a bit odd as she (and now he - more on that in a... Continue Reading →

Battle of the ‘Verts!

I’m an introvert in the truest sense of the word. Quite often, people take an introvert as someone who is socially anxious or shy. However, the biggest personalities can also be massive introverts. My introvertedness (not sure that’s a word!) didn’t stop me from pursuing acting as a young man, training people in my 30s... Continue Reading →


In general, it's better to tell the truth isn't it? There may very well be the rare example where telling an untruth is warranted but on the whole, the old adage, "Honesty is the best policy," is the correct way to go. Telling the truth very much includes being honest with ourselves.  In a recent... Continue Reading →

Love And Hate

Is hate the opposite of love?  An adage attributed to activist and Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel says: “The opposite of love is not hate but indifference.” Indifference means a “lack of interest, feeling or reaction towards somebody/something” (source: Oxford Learner’s Dictionary). What then might be the opposite of hate if not love?  If we think of... Continue Reading →

Blessed To Be A Blessing?

I’ve had loads of jobs in my life of all different varieties. My kids are amazed at this and wonder what kind of job I haven’t done! I’ve gutted fish in a village market and served pints in a local pub. I’ve been a background artist on the telly, and I’ve worked in a theatre. I’ve made-up... Continue Reading →

Want To Be Countercultural?

I really can’t stand people who are selfish, rude and unkind! From my kids to a stranger, when I see them acting this way, it winds me up and makes me think some very not Christ-like thoughts. I’m not saying this as some weird boast; I simply want to be honest and open with you.... Continue Reading →

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